Congratulations on Your New Trekking Poles!

Your trekking poles will help you balance over uneven surfaces.  Please follow these instructions for successful and safe use.

Please Read these Warnings:
  • Trekking poles are NOT designed to sustain your full body weight.  They are meant to help you balance and give you substantial leverage.  But with too much weight and they could bend or break.  It is not due to lack of quality. This is with any lightweight trekking pole from any manufacturer.
  • The poles will bend or break if the end is lodged in a crevasse and you pull or push them awkwardly exerting force laterally.  The poles are not indestructible. Use them only for balance, not full body-weight support.
  • Do not lock the poles beyond the stop marks on the extension sections.  If the poles are extended and locked in place beyond the stop marks, they do not have the rigid strength necessary for safe hiking.  Only use the poles locked into place without extending past the stop marks clearly indicated on the trekking pole extension sections.
  • Do not use the poles without first testing that they are tightly locked into position. Injury, accident, or even death can result from falls if the poles are depended on for balance and support if they are not first properly adjusted and locked into position with the fliplock tension nut fully tightened.
  • Use and misuse of products sold through High Trek websites, catalogs, affiliates, online sales channels, or otherwise, including but not limited to retail showroom or online sales channels, involves serious risks including injury, disability and death. Purchasers, users and participants assume all risk of injury.

Adjusting the Collapsible Flip-lock Poles

Adjusting the folding poles